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As a project manager in today's economy you need to keep pace with the ever changing business climate. You do this by investing in yourself and improving your skill set through project management training. That's what Club PDU is all about; enhancing project management knowledge and skills through high quality training.

PDUs for PMP Credential Holders

Project Management Academy has been approved by PMI to issue PDUs for our courses. PMP credential holders love Club PDU because it's the easiest way to earn and document the 60 hours of professional development units (PDUs) that are required over a 3-year period. Unfortunately, the process for earning and reporting PDUs on your own can be very confusing. Some people lose their credential status as a result of not getting enough PDUs in the right category, while others simply forget to take or don't properly document their PDUs. The Club PDU program is designed to allow credential holders an easy way to earn and track PDUs. Club PDU is a one-stop shop that allows you peace of mind in knowing that you will easily meet the PDU requirement necessary to keep your PMP certification active.

Popular PDU Courses

How It Works

We offer a library of PDU courses covering a wide variety of topics. Courses range from 1 hour to multiple hours. We offer many micro-courses to allow you to pick and choose specific topics that interest you as well as bundled and larger courses.

The Annual Subscription Package provides unlimited access to our entire PDU catalog and automatically renews each year. Alternatively, you can purchase specific PDU courses a la carte to brush up on your Project Management skills or to expand your knowledge.

Why Choose Club PDU

  • Highest quality training videos. We develop training that interests you and improves your project management skills.
  • All Project Management Academy PDUs are approved by PMI. This ensures all our PDUs count towards your renewal and make it Hassle-free to claim your PDUs with PMI.
  • More training added every month. Our goal is to have the most comprehensive high-quality training library available for project managers.


  • Annual subscription costs $495 per year and offers unlimited access to our PDU catalog.
  • You can purchase individual a la carte PDU courses ranging in cost from $49 - $995 per course, depending on the number of PDU hours included.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the quality of the training provided. If you're not satisfied with the quality of any a la carte PDU course, we'll allow you to take a different course at no cost - no questions asked.

Club PDU® Packages
1 Year Subscription
1 year subscription to the entire PDU library
$495 USD
Club PDU - 1 Year Subscription
Club PDU - 1 Year Subscription
$495 USD
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