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The Importance of Agile in a PMP Certification Course

The Importance of Agile in a PMP Certification Course

The PMP certification course comprehensively overviews project management principles and practices. While the course focuses on traditional project management methodologies, there is also a significant amount of content dedicated to Agile principles and practices. As more organizations utilize Agile project management, including the Scrum framework, project managers must learn to differentiate and blend Agile and …

Iteration vs. Flow-Based Agile Choosing an Approach

Iteration and Flow Based Agile: Which Approach Should You Choose

Agile project management is a concept that approaches the project planning process by breaking a larger task down into smaller cycles called “sprints.” This agile approach allows project management professionals to guide teams through projects more productively. Central to agile project management is the idea that an agile team works toward a common goal as …

Scrum Master vs. PMP: Which Has A Higher Salary Potential?

Scrum Master vs PMP: Which Has a Higher Salary Potential?

Scrum masters and project management professionals (PMP) guide teams to help them work more efficiently and productively. The work these positions do can overlap, but their approaches are distinct enough that professionals in these roles often find themselves choosing one over the other. For some, one approach feels more natural or better suited for the …

Certified Scrum Master vs. PMP: Which Certification Should You Pursue?

Certified Scrum Master vs. PMP: Which Certification Should You Pursue?

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) are the most common credentials in project management. Earning one or both certifications can increase earning potential and job opportunities. Before deciding which to pursue, it’s helpful to compare these certifications to understand their merits. On this page: What is a Scrum Master? What is a …

7 Traits of Servant Leadership in Agile Project Management

7 Traits of Servant Leadership in Agile Project Management

Servant leadership has proven highly successful in Agile project management, an iterative approach focusing on the continuous release of information and customer feedback. It has been a standard in Agile project management for many years. The term “Servant Leader” is attributed to a paper written by Robert K. Greenleaf in 1970. In this paper, Greenleaf …

Introduction to Agile Release Planning

Introduction to Agile Release Planning

Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential holders should understand Agile project management — an approach that helps organizations manage risk and adapt to a world of constant change. Underpinning the agile approach is agile release planning, a concept that anyone holding or seeking an agile certification must master if they want to lead a successful agile …

PMP vs Agile vs Scrum The 3 Certification Paths

PMP vs Agile vs Scrum: Comparing the 3 Certification Paths

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is one of many project management certification options. Research your options to select the one that best meets your professional goals. Each project management certification has professional requirements, an application process, a fee-based proctored exam, and ongoing continuing education credit maintenance. On this page: PMP vs Agile vs Scrum …

What is a Project Schedule Network Diagram

What is a Project Schedule Network Diagram?

Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification requires knowledge of the project schedule network diagram in terms of types, benefits, and how to create one. PMP credential holders should also know how to use the project schedule network diagram to identify the critical path and float for the project to enhance all schedule management. On this page: …

Project Scheduling: Methodology & Techniques

Scheduling Methodology: Build & Control Your Project Schedule

A scheduling methodology is a system or process used to create, implement, and track the progress of a schedule. There are many different scheduling methodologies, each with strengths and weaknesses. The most critical factor in choosing a scheduling method is finding one that best fits the needs of your specific project. On this page: Scheduling …