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Introduction to Agile Release Planning

Introduction to Agile Release Planning

Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential holders should understand Agile project management — an approach that helps organizations manage risk and adapt to a world of constant change. Underpinning the agile approach is agile release planning, a concept that anyone holding or seeking an agile certification must master if they want to lead a successful agile …

PMP vs Agile vs Scrum The 3 Certification Paths

PMP vs Agile vs Scrum: Comparing the 3 Certification Paths

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is one of many project management certification options. Research your options to select the one that best meets your professional goals. Each project management certification has professional requirements, an application process, a fee-based proctored exam, and ongoing continuing education credit maintenance. On this page: PMP vs Agile vs Scrum …

What is a Project Schedule Network Diagram

What is a Project Schedule Network Diagram?

Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification requires knowledge of the project schedule network diagram in terms of types, benefits, and how to create one. PMP credential holders should also know how to use the project schedule network diagram to identify the critical path and float for the project to enhance all schedule management. On this page: …

Project Scheduling: Methodology & Techniques

Scheduling Methodology: Build & Control Your Project Schedule

A scheduling methodology is a system or process used to create, implement, and track the progress of a schedule. There are many different scheduling methodologies, each with strengths and weaknesses. The most critical factor in choosing a scheduling method is finding one that best fits the needs of your specific project. On this page: Scheduling …

Schedule Baseline How to Create, Use and Optimize

Schedule Baseline: How to Create, Use, and Optimize

The schedule baseline serves an essential purpose in every project: A tool to measure the project’s progress against the stakeholder-approved project schedule. Additionally, as an output from the schedule development process, the project schedule baseline is used in conjunction with the scope and cost baseline to form the performance measurement baseline. On this page: What …

How to Use Agile in Project Management as a PMP® Credential Holder

How to Use Agile in Project Management as a PMP® Credential Holder

A Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification shows that, as a project manager, you understand the agile approach to project management. The PMP certification exam requires you to have an understanding of standard agile methodology, tools, and techniques and how to integrate the agile approach properly into a project environment, when beneficial. On this page: Agile …

Develop Schedule PMP® Process and Inputs

Develop Schedule: PMP® Process and Inputs

A project manager should use the Develop Schedule process described by Project Management Institute (PMI) to create a project schedule. It is a process that helps determine the tasks to complete, the resources needed for those tasks, and the overall project timeline. Developing the project schedule is essential to project management as it helps ensure …

Techniques for Schedule Compression Crashing vs. Fast Tracking

PMP Exam Prep: Fast-Tracking vs. Crash Schedule

Project professionals are skillful planners and multitaskers, capable of juggling multiple priorities, big and small, every day. Yet, even after careful preparation, plans can change, projects delay, and it’s up to the project manager to get things back on track. In these instances, the project manager or Project Management Professional (PMP)® may use two schedule …

Control Schedule in Project Management

Control Schedule in Project Management

Projects consist of many moving parts that project managers must track consistently. A fundamental responsibility in project management is knowing whether a project is behind or ahead of schedule. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the process for monitoring schedule progress against the baseline is called control schedule. Project planning, monitoring, and controlling all …

Top Business Trends to Watch for in 2023

Top Business Trends to Watch for in 2023

By Andrea Brockmeier, Jason Cassidy, Ken Crawshaw, Amy Farber, Susan Heidorn, Norman Kennedy, Jose Marcial Portilla, and Mike Stuedemann This past year has been a bit of a respite from the chaos of the last couple of years as many people have settled into working from home, in the office, or some combination. We seem …