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Schedule Performance Index (SPI) for PMP® Exam Prep

Time is money. For project managers, clients, leaders, business owners, stakeholders, and well, anyone in a professional role working collaboratively on a project, “will it be done on time?” is a question packed with meaning. Project managers use proven formulas to provide data-based predictions for schedule and cost, such as the Schedule Performance Index (SPI). …

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Q&A with Randy Smith, PMP®, CSM

It’s often helpful to hear about peers’ career trajectories and progression when thinking about where to take your career next. Randy Smith, PMP®, CSM is a PMA Student since 2016 and PMAccelerateTM Member with 30 years of Project Management experience. He is currently a Project Management Supervisor, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Q: How did …

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A Pilot Project Is Not Always the Best Way to Start Your Agile Journey

A Pilot Project Is Not Always the Best Way to Start Your Agile Journey

Many of us would agree that when you are trying to implement a large change, start small. Just as it is easier to swallow a small pill than a huge one, the ability to adopt and sustain change is often simpler when the change involves baby steps. This approach of small incremental changes applies to …

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A Project Management Academy Update on COVID-19

In this time of uncertainty, we, like you, are monitoring COVID-19 with an eye towards the health and safety of our students and instructors. At the same time, we are trying to balance students’ needs to take the course when they have scheduled it, especially knowing that people may want to use this time as …