PMI-ACP reqirements

Ensuring Your PMI-ACP Certification Stays Current: Renewal and Validity Guide

Earning PMI-ACP certification is a professional achievement. It is a certification that comes after long work to achieve Education and training in addition to earning a passing score on the PMIC-ACP exam. Know how long your PMI-ACP certification is valid and how to renew it to maintain your Project Management Institute (PMI®) issued certification. On …

Erin Aldridge, PMP, PMI-ACP, & CSPO

How many PMI-ACP certified

Discovering the Count of PMI-ACP Certified Professionals Worldwide and Their Lucrative Careers

Project Management Institute (PMI®), the world’s largest association for the project management profession, with over 700K members across 222 countries (Dec. 2023), maintains various management professional certifications. That is impressive growth from 2022’s 687K members and 217 countries. The Project Management Professional (PMP®) may be the most widely known of the certifications, but it is …

Erin Aldridge, PMP, PMI-ACP, & CSPO

PMI-ACP Application

Simplify Your PMI-ACP Application Process: Expert Tips for Agile Certification

Understanding the PMI-ACP® application process required to qualify for taking the PMI-ACP® exam can save time and prepare you for other Project Management Institute certification applications including the PMP. On this page: What is PMI-ACP Eligibility requirements Guide to Filling Out Your Application How to access the PMI-ACP application Documentation Checklist Project Experience PMI-ACP Application …

Erin Aldridge, PMP, PMI-ACP, & CSPO

PMI-ACP contact hours

Understanding PMI-ACP Contact Hours for Agile Practitioners

Learn project management experience and contact hour requirements before you apply for the PMI-ACP exam and certification. Training in Agile practices is only one part of preparing for the exam. On this page: Why PMI-ACP What is PMI-ACP What are the eligibility requirements to apply for the PMI-ACP What are PMI-ACP contact hours How do …

Erin Aldridge, PMP, PMI-ACP, & CSPO

Erin Aldridge, PMP, PMI-ACP, & CSPO

Pass Score for the PMI-ACP Exam

How to Pass The PMI-ACP: Passing Score & Tips for Exam Success

In the dynamic world of agile project management, earning the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification stands as a hallmark of excellence and a catalyst for career advancement. As industries increasingly adopt agile practices, the demand for certified agile professionals has surged, making the PMI-ACP certification more valuable than ever. However, the path to certification …

Erin Aldridge, PMP, PMI-ACP, & CSPO


Choosing Your Path: In-Depth Comparison of PRINCE2 Agile and PMI-ACP Certifications

Agile project management helps businesses adapt to change and complete projects faster and more efficiently. For that reason, Agile mastery is in higher demand than ever, and more project managers have turned to PMI-ACP and PRINCE2 certifications to prove their expertise to employers. The former is especially popular because it covers a range of Agile …

Erin Aldridge, PMP, PMI-ACP, & CSPO


Passing the PMI-ACP Audit: A Complete Guide to Success

The PMI-ACP audit plays an essential role in affirming the qualifications of professionals in Agile project management. This process is randomly conducted to maintain the PMI-ACP certification’s credibility. The audit is designed to thoroughly assess candidates’ qualifications through a detailed review of their formal education, training hours, and hands-on experience in Agile projects. This guide …

Erin Aldridge, PMP, PMI-ACP, & CSPO

PMI-ACP vs. Disciplined Agile

Choosing Your Agile Path: A Comparative Guide to PMI-ACP and Disciplined Agile Certifications

Introduction Agile methodologies continue to gain prominence in project management and software development, and project managers can choose from an array of Agile certifications depending on the specific approaches or frameworks used in their roles, industry, and organization. There are many Agile methodologies, and none are one-size-fits-all. On this page: What is PMI-ACP? What is …

Erin Aldridge, PMP, PMI-ACP, & CSPO


PMI-ACP vs CSM: Discover the Best Agile Certification for Your Career

Debating PMI-ACP vs CSM for your agile career trajectory? You’ll find that PMI-ACP caters to a broad scope of agile methods, ideal for various roles, while CSM is tailored to Scrum leadership. Our direct comparison will navigate you through their distinct paths, prerequisites, and the career doors each one opens, pinpointing the certification that aligns …

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