Q&A with Randy Smith, PMP®, CSM

It’s often helpful to hear about peers’ career trajectories and progression when thinking about where to take your career next. Randy Smith, PMP®, CSM is a PMA Student since 2016 and PMAccelerateTM Member with 30 years of Project Management experience. He is currently a Project Management Supervisor, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Q: How did …

Erin Aldrige

Reluctant Leaders

Creating Future Leaders: Psychological Safety

A study by has indirectly found that companies with high levels of Psychological Safety have more successful leaders in the pipeline, suggesting to some experts a causal relationship between these two phenomena and leaving us wondering when we will see this change enacted on all levels within organizations as it is an important factor …

Kiron Bondale

Effective Note Taking

Take Note: Note Taking for Success

After deciding to invest in your professional development, you can maximize your investment by setting yourself up for successful comprehension of the course content by improving how you take notes during your class. Your personal note-taking style, the format in which you take notes and what you do with those notes, can have a direct …

Megan Bell

Professional Development Training

How Professional Development Training Can Support Your Career

March 2020 saw a record broken for unemployment claims, and in coming months, according to Moody’s Analytics, more than 50% of the US Workforce is at risk for unemployment. With companies examining their bottom line in terms of remaining viable for an unknown time span, including economic recovery, savvy employees are seeking professional development training …

Megan Bell

What is corporate training

What is Corporate Training and Development

Corporate Training and Development is the term used to describe learning opportunities provided by a company to help its employees gain the skills needed to perform specific job duties. For project management, corporate training includes employee’s mastery of industry standards for Agile, Lean Six Sigma, ITIL, and Business Analysis. Corporate training, or learning and development …

Megan Bell

Project Management Career Paths

Project Management Career Paths for Your Future

A project manager is in charge of coordinating and overseeing a group’s tasks. They are responsible for the success or failure of projects, timelines, budgets, scope creep, and more; making project management one of the top career paths available today. Project managers not only influence what happens on their teams but also have significant control …

Erin Aldrige


4 Components of Effective Project Team Communications

Why is Communicating Effectively Important? You spend countless hours creating a Communications Plan for your stakeholders.  You identify and prioritize them and create an extensive strategy regarding what, when, and how often you’ll communicate with them.  But what about your project team members?  Do you know what Josh is working on, where Chrissy sees risk, …

Erin Aldrige

True Cost of Free PDU

The True Cost of Free PDUs

Earning PDUs, or Professional Development Units, is required if you want to become a Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential holder and maintain your certification. You’ll find that there are many ways to earn PDUs, including options for earning free PDUs. However, free PDUs aren’t always the best choice for your career. 

Erin Aldrige


Behaviors to Master When Communicating with Senior Management

As a project management consultant, I frequently work with senior managers at the Director level and above. Currently, I am reporting to two C-level executives – the Chief Operating Officer of the consulting firm for whom I consult, and the Chief Technology Officer of the company where I am embedded. Three, actually, if you count …

Erin Aldrige

Corporate Training Courses

17 Best Corporate Training Courses for Project Management

Developing and improving your team’s project management skills is always a wise decision. This not only makes them more effective project managers, but it also helps you improve your organization, compete for bigger and better projects, and ultimately increases your bottom line revenue. Corporate training courses are a great way to accomplish this.

Erin Aldrige