How to Use the PMP Credential

How to Use Your PMP® Credential to Advance Your Career

As you look to advance your career one of the first things that will typically come to mind is to earn a certification to validate your skills and experience. The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is one of the most globally recognized and highly coveted certifications.  Having this credential opens the door to a multitude of opportunities for career advancement that otherwise might not be available. 

7 Secrets to Passing the PMP Exam

Business leaders, hiring managers, and professionals across nearly all industries know the value a PMP credential brings to their organizations. Some of the valuable skills PMP credential holders are proficient in are heightened focus on client/customer needs, team building, strategic thinking, an ability to delegate, scheduling, budgeting, and controlling risks to name a few.  Business leaders know hiring or promoting those with a PMP certification is a low risk with the potential of a very high reward. It has even become common to see job descriptions being posted with the PMP credential as a preferred qualification for non-project management positions.

Skills Needed to Thrive Today Include Project Management

iStock-1157106243The current work environment is always changing! Today’s business landscape is built for those with project management skills. Emerging technologies, expanding job markets, increased GDP, new business methods, and artificial intelligence are accelerating change. In the future, skills companies look for will be different than those required today, but project management skills are well suited for this evolution. 

One thing I have found throughout my career is the PMP certification is not only for those who are full-time project managers, but it is just as important for those who are part of continuous improvement initiatives or occasionally manage projects. This is because of those core qualities one must possess to earn this credential.  Being able to speak the project management and agile lexicons allows you to communicative effectively and get to the root cause of business challenges while paving the way for process improvements.  Those with a PMP certification have the proven ability to take a business strategy and operationalize it.

The PMP Credential for Human Resources

Projects and programs are the core of a business’ strategic initiatives and help ignite change. In the field of Human Resources most probably wouldn’t consider a PMP as a sought-after credential, but since HR has evolved from a traditionally transactional business requirement to more of a partner for developing business strategies PMP’s have become highly desirable. 

For example, strategic workforce planning is a complex project that the HR units need to undertake and having the skills of a project manager becomes incredibly valuable during all phases of the project. This involves communication and coordination with stakeholders from other business units along with achieving strategic alignment across the organization, which a certified project manager has the skills and ability to succeed.

So, whether you are a full-time or occasional project manager this certification will elevate your career more so than just about any other certification. PMP certification holders are prepared to tackle the top business challenges of today and tomorrow. If you are considering earning your PMP certification and meet the criteria go for it!  It is truly worth the time and effort to earn it and you will not regret it.

Studying for the PMP Exam?

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