Value of Lean Six Sigma

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma (or Six Sigma) is an internationally recognized methodology for continuous improvement. Any professional seeking globally recognized certification status with career potential across multiple industries should consider Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Lean Project Management

Lean Project Management Training

The same drive for efficiencies in manufacturing processes that sparked what is now known as “Lean” can help businesses reduce costs and decrease time-to-market while simultaneously boosting talent retention. The 2015 Lean Business Survey concluded that 92% of companies leveraging Lean enjoy “moderate to significant improvements in project success.” Growing your team’s Lean skill set can …

Lean Six Sigma vs PMP

Lean Six Sigma vs PMP® Certification: Which One is Right for Me?

I’m sure you’ve heard this question before: “Which is better?” It’s a difficult one to answer, but it seems like the people asking are looking for an easy way out. They want someone else to make their decision and save them from making tough choices on what they should go for: Lean Six Sigma vs …

Six Sigma Belts Explained

Lean Six Sigma is a widely used approach that enables teams to eliminate waste and maximize operational efficiency. Because this is a popular and beneficial approach, many professional seek a Six Sigma Certification to improve both their career prospects and their organization’s outcomes.