True Cost of Free PDU

Earn Free PDUs for PMI Certification Renewal

Once you have earned a certification from Project Management Institute® (PMI), the clock starts ticking. You need to start thinking about earning Professional Development Units (PDUs). These are continuing education activities, including directed-learning courses and self-directed activities, and they are required to keep your certification active. They also keep your leadership and project skills up …

Erin Aldridge, PMP, PMI-ACP, & CSPO

Use Your PMP® Certification To Prepare for Program and Portfolio Management

Project Management is a dynamic and diverse field that can provide career opportunities across industries and even the globe. The international governing body Project Management Institute (PMI) closely monitors the requirements for achieving the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification to ensure standards are met no matter where the project manager is working. Yet, earning your …

Megan Bell

PMP for Federal Government

PMP for Federal Government

The skills of a Project Management Professional® (PMP) apply across industries and companies. However, there are specific project processes, terminology, and certifications for federal government due to the layers of regulations and legislation shaping the work. Project Managers seeking to transfer into government work will benefit from learning about federal government project management training and …

Megan Bell

Change as a Skill in Project Management

Change is the Competitive Skill Adaptability

As you look at your recipe and then at your motley collection of ingredients, you realize you are missing many required ingredients. No butter, but would the olive oil work instead? If ketchup is needed, and you have tomato sauce and vinegar, could you create the needed ingredient? How fast could an online delivery service …

Megan Bell

Disruption as a Career Booster

Disruption to Boost Career

Project Managers know that change is inevitable, and that it can be a barrier to goals or a window for opportunity. The other word for change is “disruption” and it is often used in the context of industries; new products disrupting the market, or new services disrupting exiting ones. Well known examples of industry disruption …

Megan Bell

Virtual Interview

Virtual Interview: As Candidate and As Interviewer

Virtual or video interviews had already become a norm in the interviewing process back in 2015, when Korn Ferry polled 700 executives revealing 75% were using video platforms to conduct interviews. And with the Covid-19 safety protocols that began in 2020, companies that had never considered video now found it the only way to engage …

Megan Bell

Project and Strategy Alignment Are Good For Business

Project and Strategy Alignment is Good Business

One of the most important questions a project manager can ask, regardless of the methodology practiced or size of the business is: “What is the business reason for this work?”. And if the answer is, “because the CEO (or any high-ranking leader) said so,” the project manager most likely is facing endless challenges trying to …

Megan Bell

Leading with Influence

Lead With Influence

Those with Project Manager responsibilities in their work may be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars of company budget, be overseeing the work efforts of dozens of people or multiple teams yet have no formal authority within the organization. This is one of the challenges of project management, that you cannot depend on your …

Megan Bell

Executive Sponsorship in Project Management

Motivational Benefits of Team Training

Regardless of the drivers of the team or how it was formed, completing training together has benefits for the individuals, the group, and the larger organization. Employees who go through training as a team are more likely to have higher morale and deliver better work faster.

Megan Bell

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Critical skills are those that apply across industries, across roles, and in any size organization; emotional intelligence (“EQ”) is a critical skill. Project Management, a skill that fits within any industry, most roles, and any size organization, has wide professional applications. As such, emotional intelligence as a skill has great significance for any Project Manager …

Megan Bell