Value of Lean Six Sigma

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma (or Six Sigma) is an internationally recognized methodology for continuous improvement. Any professional seeking globally recognized certification status with career potential across multiple industries should consider Lean Six Sigma Certification.

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Lean and Project Management Training

Six Sigma (or Lean Six Sigma) Certification is not a replacement nor alternative to Project Management Institute (PMI) Certifications including PMP, Risk, or Agile Certification; rather, it is a methodology used by organizations to improve the capability of their business processes to increase performance and decrease process variation.

Value of Lean Six Sigma 2

Project Managers can incorporate Lean Six Sigma tools into their workflows as part of continuous improvement efforts. Depending on career goals and the industry in which the work is performed, a professional may choose to pursue one or more of the Lean Six Sigma certification levels to complement their overall professional skill portfolio. In short, Lean and Project Management certifications should not be viewed as alternatives. They are standalone skill sets which when combined, increase the number, scope, and type of career opportunities.

Lean Six Sigma Levels and Certifications

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) states that in a project setting, there can be as many as five levels of Lean Six Sigma certification who are part of the improvement process: master black belts, black belts, green belts, yellow belts, and white belts. For those at the start of their Lean training journey, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is the first step towards understanding the essential strategies and tools for process improvement. As you advance your career and deepen your experience, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training will help you become a specialist ready to pursue formal certification.

Industries that Use Lean Six Sigma

Where can you apply your Lean Six Sigma knowledge? This proven methodology for continuous improvement has its origins in manufacturing, but has grown to encompass automotive, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and even human resources.

Value of Lean Six Sigma 3

Online job searches using key terms of Green Belt, Lean Certification, and Lean Six Sigma provide results within companies of all sizes and across the world, such as General Electric Co., The Hershey Company, 3M, Abbott Laboratories, IBM, Honeywell, Newell Rubbermaid, Wells Fargo, and Siemens. Any organization that seeks quantitative measurements of success over qualitative markers will have need for those with Lean Six Sigma training, experience, and certification.

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Types of Jobs that Use Lean Six Sigma

Job types that use Lean Six Sigma are as varied as the industries in which it is practiced. A key point is that Lean Six Sigma is not just for Project Managers, but in fact, is part of careers including Business Analysis, Engineering, Production Plant Management, and more.

Value of Lean Six Sigma 4

Lean Certification for Career

Becoming Lean Certified at any level is not a career unto itself. However, it is of great value, and in some cases even a requirement, for those in roles related to quality control, continuous improvement, and process improvement. Lean Certification can be a career accelerator in many ways including how it will:

  • Enhance your resume with formal certification of industry recognized skill set
  • Augment your project management career with continuous improvement skills
  • Apply to multiple industries and fields thus expanding career opportunities
  • Streamline your career planning with tiered certification levels
  • Provide strong salary range with potential for growth

As of May 2020,, one of the best job search sites, reports the average salary for a Lean Six Sigma Specialist as over 100K per year in the United States. In some organizations, achieving additional levels of Lean Certification can translate to bonuses or promotions. It is also a professional standing that stays with you as you change roles or companies. Ready to boost your career with Lean training? Start with Yellow Belt and see where your career takes you next.

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