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Business Skill-Building Courses – Recent Grads & Entry-Level Professionals

If you are seeking opportunities to discover more about the business world or want to make yourself more marketable and set yourself up for career success, foundational business skills ranging from project management, business analysis, agile, and leadership are a great start. Gaining exposure to these fundamental elements of business is a great way to spend time off, a gap year, or help your resume stand out amongst recent graduates as you seek entry-level employment. Individuals with a liberal arts background may be especially interested in these courses, which will allow them to learn about the key principles of business with real-world application.

These critical business skills are sought after by employers because they are easily translatable and include leadership components that will be increasingly important as you advance your career. For example, recently rated project management the #1 high-paying job skill across numerous industries. And the employment of management analysts, including business analysts, is expected to grow 14% between 2018 – 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Project Management Academy, the most trusted name in project management training®, has a curriculum of courses that will teach you the fundamentals of traditional project management as well as Agile project management, which is becoming more popular every year in the fields of technology and product management. Through our sister brand, Watermark Learning, you can gain a foundational understanding of analytical concepts and frameworks and learn the important leadership skill of influencing others, even as a junior member of your team. The combination of these core business skills can really help set you apart in the job market.

PMA’s Fundamental Business Practices Curriculum

If you’d like to gain resume-referenceable certificates in critical business skills that do not have prerequisites, you can complete the following courses to establish a credible foundation for you to navigate the busines world.

You are able to select the courses in any order and take them individually or in a bundle. Upon completion of an individual course, you will receive a shareable certificate for that topic area. Should you complete all four courses in the curriculum, you will earn PMA’s Fundamental Business Practices Certificate to acknowledge a well-rounded understanding of the underpinnings of business management – across project management, agile, business analysis, and core leadership skills.

See below to learn more about our Fundamental Business Practices curriculum and to find a course that works best for your schedule – online instructor-led and self-paced training options are available:

Project Management Fundamentals (1 Day)

Learn the fundamentals of project management and how to use project management approaches, tools, and techniques to better manage projects throughout the entire project life cycle – understanding the basics of project management can enable you to navigate new organizations using standard project management language and approaches common across many functions and industries.

Agile Fundamentals (1 Day)

Learn the principles, tools, and techniques of agile, more iterative project management, including the basics of the popular Scrum framework – a leading project management approach commonly used in technology and product management roles.

Business Analysis Foundations (2 Days)

Learn the basics of business analysis by understanding best-practices to use data to articulate business problems, opportunities, and communicate solutions to key stakeholders within the organization – these business analysis skills can set you up for a broad range of analytical roles, including product analysts, management consultants, business architecture analysts, or digital transformation analysts.

Leadership: Influencing Without Authority (1 Day)

Learn and practice tips, tools, and techniques to influence others to support better collaboration among stakeholders, improved trust among team members, and enable achievement of business goals – a highly coveted leadership skill for junior team members that can help advance your executive presence considerably.

Curriculum Benefits

The following are just a few of the benefits of this curriculum:

  • No prior work experience or pre-requisites required to take these courses
  • Discover key business topics, frameworks, and language to help you navigate the business world
  • Get a head start in your career by learning a diverse set of skills that span multiple industries
  • Enhance your resume with shareable certificates from Project Management academy, the most trusted name in project management training®
  • Interact with experts in their fields through virtual instructor-led offerings
  • Learn at your pace on your schedule though our video-on-demand offerings
  • Determine if the field of business is right for you while pursuing other passions

Take your Learning to the Next Level

Liked the topics of your foundational courses and want to go deeper? If you are interested in further credentializing your core business practices skills, check out our entry-level certification prep courses to support your pursuit of additional credentials through widely recognized institutes and certification membership organizations:

Practice Area Credentialing Body Prep Course Name
Project Management Project Management Institute (PMI)® Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®
Agile Scrum Alliance® Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
Business Analysis International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)® Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)
Leadership Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI)® Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP)