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Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management skills are applicable across numerous industries and are considered to have high earning power potential. If you stop to consider some of the skills project managers possess including leadership, prioritization, resource and risk management, and strategic direction, it makes sense that they are in high demand and often reach corporate leadership positions.

This 1-Day virtual Project Management Best-Practices course will provide you with an overview of the fundamental elements of the project lifecycle – from project initiation through project close. After completing this course, you will have a better understanding of project management concepts and the ability to understand the best path forward for bringing projects to successful completion.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the foundational principles of project management
  • Learn foundational project management skills
  • Understand tools and techniques to effectively manage projects
  • A common project management language to improve communication
  • Frameworks to identify, manage, and mitigate risk
  • Skills to add to your resume

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn:

  • Goals and benefits of implementing project management
  • Key project management terminology, frameworks, and tools
  • How to apply the approaches and processes to better manage and complete a project
  • Important interpersonal interactions needed for successful projects

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for recent graduates or entry-level professionals who want to learn the fundamentals of project management. For those looking to get PMI certified, you should attend our CAPM® Certification Training.

Guaranteed To Run

All Project Management Fundamentals courses are 100% guaranteed to run on the dates listed. Yes, even if there's only one student. While other providers often postpone courses due to low enrollment, we promise to never do that.


Virtual PMI-ACP Boot Camp
Virtual Classroom: 1 day of web-based eLearning with a live instructor. You will also receive digital training materials and 6-months access to our online training portal.
Video on Demand PMI-ACP Course
Video-On-Demand: Includes 6-months digital access to all training materials.


  • Introduction
    • What are Projects?
    • What is Project Management?
    • Basic Project Management Process
    • Project Selection
    • How Projects Further Organizational Goals
    • What Factors can Influence Projects?
    • Documentation
    • Project Management Tools
    • Role of the Project Manager
    • The Language of Project Management
  • Starting a Project
    • Authorizing the Project (Project Selection)
    • Assigning the PM
    • Identifying and Documenting the High-Level Scope
    • Gathering a Planning Team
    • Identifying and Documenting the Impacted Parties
  • Planning a Project
    • Adapting to the Needs of the Project (Planning Level)
    • Identifying the Work Required
    • Estimating Time, Cost and Resources Required
    • Developing a Schedule
    • Developing a Budget
    • Planning Communications and Quality
    • Risk Management
    • Purchases and Outside Vendors for a Project
  • Executing the Project
    • Baselines
    • Managing Participants in the Project
    • Managing Interested and Impacted Parties
    • Performing the Planned Work
    • Negotiating and Signing Contracts
    • Managing Communications, Risk and Quality
  • Overseeing and Controlling the Project
    • Controlling the Scope, Schedule and Budget
    • Controlling Change to the Project (Scope, Schedule, Cost and Final Product)
    • Quality Assurance and Control
    • Contract Administration
  • Ending a Project Overseeing and Controlling the Project Executing the Project
    • Closing Contracts
    • Transferring the Final Product
    • Lessons Learned and Archiving Records
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