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A-CSM Certification Training

Format: Online/Virtual, Instructor-Led
Date: Dec 15,16
Time: 8:30am-5:00pm
Location: Time Zone - Eastern Standard Time (US)
Address: Interactive Web Conference
There are only 3 seats available.

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This Advanced Certified Scrum Master training provides participants the opportunity to enhance their skills for the implementation of Scrum by learning strategies and tactics to improve the adoption, engagement, and value of Scrum within their company or organization. Participants will learn these topics through exercises, facilitated discussions, and case studies based on the instructor's real-world experience in working with Scrum teams. This course is led by: 

V. Lee Henson, CST, PMP

Certified Scrum Trainer®

Hosted by AgileDad Business Agility Experts

What You Get


Each student will receive a comprehensive student guide complete with examples and workshop solutions. 


There is no exam for the A-CSM certification and you are eligible based on successful completion all educator-designed components of this course. 


As a PMI Registered Education Provider, you don’t have to worry about the security of your PDUs, even if you get audited!


The 2-day Advanced Certified Scrum Master training class (A-CSM) s an intensive interactive session designed to leverage the diverse background of the participants through facilitated discussion, activities and simulation. The following topics will be covered: 

- Agile, Scrum and Lean

- Agile Facilitation

- Agile Coaching

- Coaching the Product Owner

- Coaching the Development Team

- Scrum Mastery

Additional Class Notes

1) While this class is based on the Scrum Method within the Agile Framework, the teachings are not bound or limited to theory. The course will help people solve pressing problems and issues they are facing and requires active participation from each attendee.

2) The primary goal of this course is to place you in first person scenarios where you can learn how to really execute in your position, not just recall what the book says you should do. You will leave with new tools to help you perform your job better. 

3) This class will point out real world examples of how well-known organizations from startup to enterprise have adopted Scrum and witnessed dramatic incremental changes. While software is still a very important industry where Scrum can be applied, many organizations are finding ways to apply this method throughout various functions of their organizations.