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Project Management Academy is the most trusted name in project management training. We help project managers advance their careers through professional training and credentials.  We invest more in the quality of our programs and offer more PMP training resources than any other provider.We guarantee all courses will run on the dates listed and we guarantee our students will earn the respective credential, or their full money back.

Michael L.
Took the PMP Exam prep course and passed the PMBOK-v6 exam on the first try! Amazing class and experience overall!
Kristy M.
This was a great course- very nice instructor who was extremely knowledgeable (Jim Park), great location (Regus tower in SF), useful and professional course materials, and most importantly- classes guaranteed to run. I had signed up with a different course provider who cancelled the course 3 times and finally stopped returning my calls. That will not happen with PMA®. If you sign up for a course date, the course will happen! I took the test one week after the course and passed! Anyone looking to get their PMP should use PMA.
David K.
The Project Management Acadamy (PMA) PMP Certification Boot Camp is great! I passed the PMP exam the Monday following completion of the course. I found the PMA online suite of resources to be the most helpful. The timed-test application was my favorite feature becasue it helped me hone in on my weak areas. If you're searching for a PMP Certification training vendor, look no more, PMA is the way to go.
John M.
Absolutely the best class to take for passing the difficult PMP Exam! Our Instructor, Joe Drammissi, was exceptional and kept the class captivated and motivated throughout the four all-day sessions. Follow the disciplined process and instructions with the excellent training materials and practice tests and you will pass. Joe brought considerable breadth and depth of experience to enhance the theory and methods of PMBOK. Thanks to Joe and the PMA for providing rich content and a disciplined process/methodology for achieving success on this difficult exam.
Billy Y.
I took the PMP Boot Camp course at The Project Management Academy March 23-26, 2015 at 71 W. 23rd Street, NY, NY. Our course instructor was Asad Haque. I can't say enough good things about Asad who displayed incredible energy and enthusiasm throughout the long course hours. The PMI PMBOK text is a bear to get through and the Project Management Academy has developed a truly outstanding Preparation Course for the exam. The combination of an outstanding instructor and course proved to be a winning combination for me as I passed the exam a week later. Asad Haque's practical guidance and straight talk about the effort required to pass the test was very helpful to me. The test isn't easy, but the PMA's approach is very helpful.
Michelle R.
Excellent company and great course! Attended the Feb 2015 course and couldn't be happier with the bang I got for my buck. Instructor was Donna R. and she was great and really brought a wealth of knowledge. Absolutely LOVE all the materials PMA provides for studying for your exam. Don't waste time using outside sources (like I did in the beginning) but instead use all the study guides, workbooks and practice exams that PMA offers. I didn't realize what great stuff I had available to me until the end. I PASSED my exam on my FIRST attempt. Even if you can't attend a course, I strongly suggest purchasing the online course so you get access to the materials. Seriously. It's worth every penny! Thank you Donna and PMA!
Rob C.
Great instruction! Jim Stewart as instructor was a great teacher that week, showed everything needed to pass the PMP exam. Extremely open to questions and very personable, straight to the point with lessons. He also went above and beyond when I had issues with the testing center the first time I took the PMP and helped out personally with those. Can't recommend enough!
Phillip E.
I was very nervous going into this process of preparing for the PMP exam. It had been more than 20 years since I had been out of college and really had to study for an exam. The boot camp was the first valuable step; but more valuable was all the study guides and exercises offered by PMA. I used all tools available. I was still nervous and I questioned myself during the actual exam but low and behold, I PASSED (first try)! I have noticed I have actually retained the information to date. I am using PM terms in my job more and sharing the information with team members. I have already recommended PMA to other colleagues that have struggled to pass the exam on their own or through other courses. Thank you PMA
Steve B.
I attended PMA August 26 in San Francisco and Jim Park was my instructor. I thought the class was excellent. Jim is a fantastic instructor and gifted at making concepts clear and easy to understand. He moved at a the right pace and was organized in his delivery. I found him approachable and welcoming of questions. I paid attention in class, did exactly what he told me to do to prepare and several weeks later passed the exam with no problem. The exam is difficult because of the volume of the content and the subtlety of the questions. I was extremely happy with the course and Jim's teaching stye and highly recommend him.
Craig C.
Thank you for all that you do for the promotion of the PMP and for your detailed training aides that have been nothing less than life saving. I have suffered with test anxiety all my life and in spite of myself I managed to become the Deputy Principal Program Manager for a program of projects that totaled four billion dollars. When I decided to take the PMP boot camp I knew that I would be in for a true mental battle.

Gary was our instructor for the four day course and was exceptional. Gary told us that it was necessary to leave our work reality behind and concentrate on the PMBOK. Well this posed to be difficult for me as I did not pass the PMP exam on my first attempt. I realized that both my real world experience and my test anxiety both contributed to my not passing the exam.

August of this year I committed to re-engaging the studies and found that the tools provided by the Project Management Academy were the most comprehensive and useful set of study aides any candidate could ask for. I reread the study guide and followed the outline. I did find that following the outline and taking the quizzes were a prerequisite to my personal study needs only followed by a nearly obsessive attack on the practice exams taking nine in total and two of those on the previous two days before I attempted the most recent, successful, PMP exam.

Thank you. The success of my PMP completion, I believe, is directly attributed to the wealth of knowledge available to each of the students who want to attempt the PMP exam with the guidance of the Project Management Academy.

I feel so strongly about the benefits of the Project Management Academy curriculum that everyone should attend this boot camp.

Thank you again and keep up the excellent work!

Kind regards,

Craig C, PMP
Dennis G.
PMA provides a remarkable product and stands behind it with a performance guarantee. The instructor we had for our class was passionate and well prepared. I think I probably could have passed the exam the very next day (a couple of my class colleagues passed within the first week).
I gave myself a month and followed the instructor's test prep guidance and passed the test on the first attempt.
Rosana S.
I have taken the Boot Camp classes on March, 2014 provided by PMA in San Jose. CA. I would like everyone to know that I have passed my PMP exam on July 09, 2014, and I could not have passed or even applied for the PMP certification without the support of the instructor Mr. Jim Park. Mr. Park not only presented the classes very well, but he also was very knowlegeable about the subjects, and his explanations were crystal clear. in addition, he helped me with the application process, the initial phase to get my certification with PMI. I was stuck because I have had my own businesses and could not relate the activities of my business with PMI's Knowledge Areas and PM Process Groups. Mr. Park provided me guidance and showed me the way. I really would like to thank Project Management Academy for the wonderful classes and instructors. And Mr. Park I will be thankful to you forever. Thank you so much for your wisdom and dedication.
Leslie D.
I would highly recommend using Project Management Academy if you want to pass the PMP exam. The in-class training was fantastic. And the online resources that they offer are extremely helpful. I took advantage of the training videos, mock exams, Q&A's and training binder. I passed the PMP exam on my first try!
David M.
I took the PMP bootcamp by Project Management Academy during the week of June 23, 2014. My instructor was Jackie Ockleberry. The bootcamp was both exhausting and informative. With the help of Jackie's tutelage and the PMA's practice exams, I passed the PMP two weeks later. Thanks PMA and Jackie! You were awesome!
H B.
I too passed the exam on the first try, thanks to PMA's PMP bootcamp in April 2014. I had studied the material for months myself but could not get it to gel for me. Four days in the live-classroom bootcamp with Gregg Richie did the trick! PMA offers excellent tips & tricks, study and exam strategies, and a comprehensive content review, and Gregg outlined further effective exam strategies which helped me immensely. Throughout the week, Gregg shared his diverse experience to illuminate concepts and engage the class, and his instructional style is confident, clear and comfortable. His obvious competence is confidence-inspiring for learners. The content review was focused and interrelated - Gregg kept revisiting key concepts and iterations, helping us to build the many different shards of PMBOK into a coherent whole. I highly, highly, *highly* recommend Gregg and the PMA.
Kevin H.
Thanks to Asad Haque and the Project Management Academy staff for their insight and instruction during the PMP exam preparation course. Asad was able to give real work examples to bridge the gaps in my learning to ensure passing the exam on the first attempt. The supplied handouts and learning material reinforced my learning and ensured success.
Isis J.
I completed the PMA PMP boot camp in Sacramento in June 2013. I took my test and passed in July! Very pleased to have received my PMP. I could not have done it without PMA. While one must devote a significant amount of time to studying and preparing for this exam, I highly recommend letting PMA be your first resource. The study modules and tools on the website are provided to students in advance of taking the course, and spending time in those modules was extremely useful. The materials made available prior to class combined with the materials and instruction during the boot camp are invaluable. My instructor was Susan Smith who I also highly recommend! She was great - professional and extremely patient! Thank you PMA and Susan Smith!
Karen J.
I took a boot camp style class to prepare for the PMP exam, and highly recommend this program.  The instructor, the materials, the content, all of the online training and support materials gave me all of the insights that I needed to pass the PMP on the first attempt.  Our instructor, Gregg Richie, is exceptional.  He was so knowledgeable about the materials that he regularly quoted page numbers from the PMBOK.  I was well prepared, and confident, when I walked into the exam.  There is no doubt that I will take additional CPUs through the PMA.  Worth every penny.
Aydin E.
I had an excellent experience taking the prep course for my PMP certification with the instructor Gregg Richie. Gregg made the difficult content easy to understand and gave us lots of examples from his experience in Project Management. He also gave us many tips for taking the exam that made a difference for me to pass the test. I highly recommend him and taking this course for the future PMP candidates.
Lisa C.
The PMP materials are hard to absorb at first. I'm glad that I took the class and had all of the online materials to use. There are a lot of online materials that helped move me through the boring PMBOK guide. I didn't "enjoy" the four-hour practice self-tests but they provided the impetus for me to keep studying more and learning the materials.
Great course. Covered a lot of material and the instructor (Gordon) made it fun! I strongly recommend the course when preparing for the PMP Exam.
Gerry W.
Michael Bergman made this course informative and as painless as possible!  It was an excellent tutorial on the PMBOK and the additional materials supplied made a big difference.  I would definitely recommend this course to others.
Kenneth T.
I attended the Project Management Professional class at the Courtyard by Marriott in Tampa, FL, 17-20 February 2014. The instructor, Mr. Asad Haque, presented an excellent class. His expertise in the PMP arena was extremely beneficial to me in my approach to studying for the PMP exam. I took the exam on 13 March after adhering to Mr. Haque's recommendation to take a couple of weeks to go over the materials in general again and to review a few specific items allowing for a more granular understanding of the material and incorporating it as long term knowledge. Due to Mr. Haque's diligence in covering all aspects of the material and his insightful recommendations, I passed the exam on the first attempt. I would highly recommend the Project Management Academy's (PMA) Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep course without hesitation!
Cat A.
I took the PMP exam prep boot camp course in Denver of 2013.  Our instructor, Jim Stewart, was very knowledgeable and really made the PMBOK come alive.  The course was intense, focused, organized, and well run.  Before the course I had read through the PMBOK and while I thought I had understood what I read, my level of comprehension alone had only scratched the surface of what was needed to pass the exam.  The course gave me a foundation from which to focus my studying on and the study aids provided by PMA were invaluable (videos, test questions, timed practice exams, flashcards, study sheets, and an exam taking strategy guide).  I studied for weeks after the course and I passed my exam first try.  If you are interested in pursuing a certification from PMI in Project Management I highly recommend this course.
Janine W.
The Project Management Academy gave me all the tools+, that I needed to understand the project management terminologies and methodologies. The ability to study on my own time and my own pace. The four day boot camp was intense, but very beneficial to clarify some areas that may be confusing. It was valuable to understand PMI's reasoning for some of the methods or protocols that they adopted and why. I would recommend this course to anyone who has project experience but wants to incorporate more of the Project Management Institutes methodologies.
Shonte B.
I attended the bootcamp by Project Management Academy in October 2013 taught by Jackie Ockleberry. Excellent course!  She taught the processes and phases in a format that was simple to understand and retain.  I followed her advice to a tee and passed the test on the first try just before Thanksgiving.  Thanks, Jackie O. and Project Management Academy!
Mike S.
I took the Project Management Acadamy PMP prep class with Jackie Ockleberry in September, 2013 and finally got around to taking the test in December, 2013 and passed on the first attempt. Jackie is and excellent teacher and is passionate about project management.  She is an engaging instructor and helps you to understand the concepts that you need to understand to pass the test.  I would highly recommend Jackie as a PMP prep instructor.
B. Robins
Fantastic prep during intense 4-day training workshop has left me to get myself ready for the final exam. Fully recommend to anyone interested in gaining this invaluable certification.
Doug H.
EXCELLENT!  From the first hour of class to the last, the instructor was engaging and personal.  He dispensed a plethora of information in manageable and comprehensible packets while conveying it in a practical format that maximized my ability to absorb it.  His knowledge of the material was in depth and punctuated by the excellent tips he wrapped in real world examples and experiences.   I was equally impressed with the binder of information and course materials provided as well as the study aids and on-line portal.  The venue, food and environment were great as well.  They set you up for success to pass the PMP and nothing less.  This boot camp was a professional life change thrust forward and I am looking forward to where it takes me.
Judy C.
I just attended the PMP Examination Prep course offered by PMA last week (Sept 30 - Oct 3) with instructor Asad Haque.  Asad was an EXCELLENT mentor and teacher. He gave us great hints and tips to pass the exam and a great review of the material.  The course itself cover all of the major areas. The combination of the current PMBOK, PMP Strategy Guide and 3 laminated sheets really made the difference I think between passing and failing for me! (I passed!!)  Thank you Asad and PMA for helping me pass my certification!
The 3-day boot camp was extremely beneficial in garnering my PMP Certification/endorsement. The trainer was very proficient with his presentation and knowledge of the many subjects discussed and answered all of the questions to our satisfaction. I highly recommend the Project Management Academy for your training needs.
Jason W.
The material presented in the class was spot on for the test prep. I took and passed the PMP exam after taking Mark's class. He was incredibly helpful and his prep methods were very effective.
Joe V.
The course was excellent and I think that the instructor did an outstanding job teaching the class. He made the course material fun to learn and far surpassed my expectations. I also believe the entire program including the online website is also top notch. The 4 days of training was very enjoyable and will recommend it to other people in the future.
This was a great course. The instructor was excellent and provided many tips on how to study for the PMP exam. The Project Management Academy study materials are excellent as are their online resources. I passed the exam on my first try. I couldn't have done it without them.
Ed W.
The instructor was excellent. The PMA study materials provided were well organized and more efficient to learn from than the book. The exam strategies improved practice test scores tremendously. The mock exam prepares one for the endurance aspect. The website has great additional learning tools. I would recommend the PMA bootcamp to anyone preparing for the PMP exam.
The PMP boot camp course was phenomenal and Roger (the course instructor) provided an excellent presentation. The course gave me an accurate assessment of my test preparation status as well as identified areas I need to focus on. I paid for the training out of my pocket but it was totally worth the investment! I can confidently say that, without the course, it would be very difficult to pass the test on the first attempt.
Albert S.
I attended the Boot Camp course, and was very pleased with the quality of the instruction and materials provided. A key thing that I gleaned was the recommended study approach for the exam, along with tips offered by the instructor. The materials are top-notch, super-usable and highly relevant in the study effort. The online training resources are a MUST. I benefited from the process, because I didn't have to figure out an approach for exam preparation. Basically, I followed the prescribed preparation minimums defined online and I passed the exam on the first attempt. Make no mistake, there's "a lot" to study, but if you follow the recommended preparation, you'll pass the exam.
Christopher L.
Great website for after the boot camp. Guaranteed to run, they ran the class with only four attendees when I went. Instructor was dynamic and engaging. Followed their plan to a "T" and passed on first attempt two weeks after attending class.
Bob O.
I took the PMP Bootcamp class in October this year. Thanks to PMA and our great instructor, Gregg Richie, I was able to pass my PMP exam on the first try! PMA's system for studying for the exam and the class instruction and online materials were all excellent. The PMP Boot camp was a great value for the money and I would recommend them to anyone interested in pursuing the PMP credential.
Donald B.
I would recommend the PMP Bootcamp to anyone attempting to get their PMP Certification especially if Gary Lind is teaching. He is very knowledgeable and brings real-life examples to demonstrate his teaching. This course is in my Top 3 of classes that I have taken in during my working career.
Emily U.
With 5 years on PM experience under my belt, I decided it was time to sit for the PMP exam. I signed up with PMA based on a co-workers recommendation. The 4-day bootcamp taught me how PMI thinks, how I need to think to pass the exam, and thoroughly covered the knowledge areas. I learn best in an instructor-led environment, and Joe had all the credentials I would desire in an instructor and kept the class lively. I didn't need the PDUs from the class to take the exam, so I previously registered for the exam on the following Wednesday. Took 2 of PMA's online practice exams before then, and I had all the confidence I needed to pass!
Jeff G.
I took the PMP Exam Prep Class from Jim Park October 13-16 and passed the PMP exam on 10/24. Jim was an engaging instructor and focused on what was needed to know to pass the exam. He used a variety of visual aids and class interaction which was very helpful in understanding the huge volume of information. The PMA site has a terrific variety of tools such as the online videos, practice exams, and webinars that were also pivotal in me learning what was needed to pass.The Study Guide with tricks/tips and focus on key metrics as well as the laminates provided excellent, focused material. Highly recommend this class for anyone taking the PMP Certification Exam
Jon H.
Boot Camp was awesome. Gordon Young was one of the best instructors I have ever seen in a classroom. He knew the material inside and out, and made us all feel confident of our understanding. He was there early and late, making sure that we had access to him for any questions.

I cannot say enough good things about the PMA website. I have shared with more than a few colleagues the quality of its content, and the thoroughness of its learning methods. I'm sending folks to PMA whenever they even think 'PMP'.
Cheryl D.
Project Management Academy offered the best comprehensive program that gives the student great confidence to pass their PMP test the first time. The classroom environment was open and allowed great feedback opportunities. There are great tips on helping the student focus on what is important to know. The videos are broken down into small enough pieces to provide a great review of the material without bogging down a lot of time. I thought the best part was the quiz application. Not only could I see my progress but I could break down topics and focus on my weak areas. My test results showed the results. No area was less than proficient in any topic.
Matt B.
I took the PMP course with Gregg Riche and he was an amazing instructor. I took the course in March 2014 and intended to study and take the course the way that Gregg suggested within 4-6 weeks. Family and work got in the way of that plan and I took the exam without preparing 3 months later and did not pass. I rescheduled the test for 3 weeks later and studied the material Gregg and PMA provided along with the strategies and methods for what and how to study. I went into the test confident and real felt confident throughout the test while answering questions and passed. PMA and Gregg have a great program- the included online practice tests, online questions that explain the correct answers, study aids, interactive nature of the course, and willingness of the instructor to be available after the course ends are a testimate to their commitment to getting every student their not just their PMP but also a comprehensive understanding of the PMBOK. Other colleagues that have taken this course from other companies didn't get half the tools and resources that I got for the same price. Translation- don't take your boot camp anywhere else if you want to understand and apply the PMBOK not just pass an exam. Thank you Gregg!
Shonny O.
I took the PMP four day course on March 31-April 3, 2014 in Rockville, MD and I passed the PMP exam on June 26, 2014. There was no way I could have passed the exam without the Project Management Academy training and the tools provided on their website. The tools made it extremely easy for me to study at any time and any place (especially convenient, since I have two babies). Of course it took focus and dedication from me to pass the exam, but the company made the rest easy. I am sooo glad I used Project Management Academy and even happier that I have the PMP certification under my belt.
Deborah D.
I took a weekend class over two weekends, and felt engaged every minute. There were many helpful tips and techniques, and I retained a lot from the class. The materials that were provided were also excellent and will provide good resources going forward. I don't know how I would have done without this prep class, and I'm glad I took it with Project Management Academy.
Roko M.
I just completed the Project Management Academy boot camp with Gregg D. Richie as my instructor.  Gregg's expert knowledge of the PMBOK and real life examples of Project Management brought context to the material, making it easy to remember and understand. Gregg provided tips  and techniques for studying and exam preparation that were invaluable.  I would highly recommend this course and Gregg Ritchie for anyone who is planning on taking the PMP exam or interested in learning more about Project Management. The materials and online tools provided by Project Management Academy are relevant and will prepare you for the exam.  I was able to take the exam and pass, the first time.  Thank you Gregg and PMA!!!
Daniel G.
PMA was everything advertised. The education and preparation for the PMP exam was thorough, the educator was in command of the material and engaging. I highly recommend PMA. I was thoroughly prepared, with a solid foundation for study preparation for the final examination.
Sharon S.
Project Management Academy provided valuable insight on recommended study approaches while reviewing the material. He also shared relevant project management experiences that demonstrated the importance of the concepts being discussed. I highly recommend this review class. It focused my study and offered helpful study aids. The laminated review cards and practice exams where invaluable. The class was well worth the time and fee.
Sara R.
Simply stated, the PMA test prep boot camp is the most valuable tool there is for preparing for the PMP certification test. The material is straightforward and focused on only the most important aspects of the PMBOK guide and the test. I was lucky enough to have Gordon Young as my trainer and I can't say enough good things about him and his teaching style. He is smart, intuitive, humorous and his little tips and tricks are priceless. I highly recommend this training class, especially with Gordon leading the training.
Cheryl D.
I was impressed with PMA and especially the instructor, Mark McGreevy! I cannot compare this Project Management Boot camp company with another (it was my one and only), I can say that it was excellent. The materials were top notch, easy to read and follow. After attending, I followed PMA's study recommendations. I read the PMBOK then reviewed each video on their website. I then took the quizzes (you can set the questions for just a single topic) and tested myself on their timed tests. I passed on my first test receiving proficient and moderately proficient in each category! Thanks PMA.
Mireille L.
The claim is real, the most trusted name in project management training without a doubt! The staff is excellent. Sales & Customer Service experience superb, the instructor I had the pleasure to work with has great down to earth real experience and made the learning almost easy! The tools and resources are well done and kept my study on pace. I am very satisfied with my decision to have chosen Project Management Academy. Oh yes, and I was extra ready to write the exam and passed the first time - of course. Thank you everyone.
Robin B.
I took the PMA PMP Boot Camp from Jim Park in November 2013 and was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the materials and the instructor.  While searching for a class to take I was a bit skeptical about which vendor to use as all of them seem to provide the same claims.  In the end I chose Project Management Academy as their session descriptions appeared comprehensive plus they offered a guarantee for passing the PMI PMP exam.  Upon attending the class, within the first few minutes I realized that I had chosen well, as it became quickly apparent that Jim is a master of this subject and has helped many, many professionals achieve their PMP certification.  In particular, his practical approach to presenting the materials in an interesting manner plus focusing on the items that are the most critical for the exam made the class a great value.  Upon completing the course and taking a couple of the practice exams provided by PMA, I passed the challenging PMI-PMP exam on the first attempt.  I highly recommend PMA and Jim Park for anyone desiring to obtain their PMP certification.
Colette B.
I recently took the PMP Certification boot camp class offered by PMA and passed my exam on the first try. The class is well structured, the instructor (Greg) is excellent and was able to keep the class motivated during long days. The material and test preparation techniques proved invaluable. I would highly recommend this class if you are looking at advancing  on your career path. Also, their 100 percent guarantee is the only one around, which is a testimony to their dedication. The exam is long and can take its toll on you, both physically and mentally. This class will help you find the best strategy to ensure your success. Good luck!
Patrick J K.
I took their PMP boot camp and the instructor did an outstanding job covering all of the material in a clear, concise manner. He was very thorough and provided many test-taking tips. Students are given an outstanding binder containing the entire course in detail, as well as several very useful handouts, laminates, etc. Even better than the course is the 6 months free access provided to all students to all of the course materials AND the same course on video. You are able to take unlimited practice quizzes on each section, full exams, and they provide a great amount of training documents for download. This is the best PMP training site I have found so far and I have done some searching! I am so impressed I have signed up for a 2nd course online (Agile) and this course also has the exact same format; online quizzes, downloadable material, 6 months access, etc. The best I've seen without a doubt.
Alison P.
I took the PMP certification exam today for the first time and passed! The exam is as hard - harder - than they say and it takes the right preparation to be ready! I could not have done it without Jim Stewart and the Project Management Academy.  The class was critical to my success, as was all the resources they provide on their website. I took advantage of everything they offered and it paid off! It was a grueling 4 hours, but I was ready and I am extremely pleased that I don't have to take it again!! I highly recommend Project Management Academy's PMP Certification class!
Scott B.
I was familiar with most of the material from management experience. But, I know I would have not passed the test without the material provided by PMA. The instructor was very well organized and did a great job going through all of the material and shared some great techniques to remember it all. I now have my PMP and would recommend the prep course to anyone.
Jill S.
Project Management Academy was referred to me by a colleague and did not disappoint!  I attended PMP Bootcamp the last week of January 2014 and passed the PMP exam in late February 2014.  The Bootcamp was led by instructor Mark McGreevy.  His delivery of the material was excellent and was supported by many real-world examples.  Project Management Academy provides many exam-prep resources outside of the classroom.  The Online Courses, Timed Practice Exams, and online Q&A sessions were critical tools in my preparation and supplemented the classroom materials.  I highly recommend PMA's PMP Bootcamp for any project manager who wants to take the PMP certification exam!
Caleb E.
I attended a Project Management Academy- PMP boot camp prep class in January of 2013. The class was designed to prepare you to pass the test and that is exactly what it did. I took my test immediately following the class and passed it my first try. The instructor (Jackie Ockleberry) was extremely knowledgeable and easy to learn from. I recommended this course to my co-worker who recently attended and passed his test on the first try as well. No worries with this one. You will get what you need as long as you apply yourself. Thank you Jackie Ockleberry and Project Management Academy!!!
Jennifer P.
The week long training for the PMP test was very intense, but well worth it. It allowed me to pass the PMP exam on the first try and know what to expect before I ever arrived at the testing center. I would highly recommend the Project Management Academy!
Kevin B.
I recently attended a Project Management Academy PMP Certification course conducted by Asad Haque.  The course was definitely a good investment and provided excellent preparation for the PMP exam.  The course and the training materials on the Project Management Academy website are invaluable for learning the concepts, but more importantly for focusing your time in the areas most important for passing the exam. Mr. Haque was an outstanding instructor who has an excellent grasp of the course material and is able to explain, illustrate and clarify that material very effectively.  Mr Haque was also very knowledgeable about the entire PMP Certification process and was very helpful in explaining the process and requirements for certification. I give the course and the instructor an A+ and thank them for helping me achieve success.  They delivered as promised.

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