Earn PMI PDUs from Webinars

Project Management Institute (PMI) manages the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification program, including the Professional Development Units (PDUs) to maintain credentials. For any PMI certification, including the PMP, webinars help you grow project management skills while fulfilling your PMI credential requirements.

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Professional Development Unit (PDU)

PMI defines professional development units (PDU) as:

“…one-hour blocks of time that you spend learning, teaching others, or volunteering”

Review the PMI Certification Requirements Handbook for specific certification PDU requirements, including those of the PMP.

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Earning credit from PMI PDU webinars

Use webinars to earn PDU credits by watching on-demand sessions and/or by sharing your own knowledge and experience in webinars you host. For example, watch a webinar about Agile frameworks and submit a PDU claim towards your PMP certification.

PMI PDU Webinar
PMI Webinar

Watching PMI PDU webinars

PMI members have free access to 1000s of webinars on project management topics at ProjectMangement.com. As the content is on-demand, you can earn PDU credits on your schedule, for the areas in which you are looking to develop, and in alignment with your credential requirements (like the PMP certification). Whether it is Agile, earned value management, leadership, or other project-related skills, ProjectMangement.com content helps you stay current in project management while earning PDUs to maintain your PMI PMP credential.

Creating a webinar for Giving Back PDUs

When you deliver a project management presentation, you can earn PDU credits if you create a webinar of it. Much like authoring articles, creating a project management-focused webinar is a means to give back to the professional community while simultaneously earning PDU hours for PMI certifications like the PMP. Just remember, there are limits to the number of Giving Back PDUs you can submit in each renewal period, so review the PMI Certification Requirements Handbook before moving forward.

How to calculate PDUs from webinars

For webinars, PMI converts the time to PDU values as:

PMI PDU Formula for Webinars
1-hour webinar = 1 PDU hour

The one-hour measurement is for webinar duration, not how much time you spent to find or create it. Additionally, for the PMP or any PMI certification, your PDU credits cannot all be via webinars.

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Reporting PDU webinar activity to PMI

Submit PDU webinar activity to PMI using the Continuing Certification Renewal System (CCRS) unless a PMI Authorized Training Provider (ATP) reports it on your behalf. Reporting a PDU is the same process for all PMI certifications.

Self-reporting webinar activity for PDUs

To self-report PDU claims, use the following process for a webinar or other educational activity:

Have the following information for a webinar PDU claim:

  • name of organization hosting the webinar
  • webinar title
  • description of the webinar (optional)
  • dates viewed

Automatically reported PDU webinar activity

Watching a project management webinar from an ATP means your PDU claim may be submitted for you and it will be automatically approved. Check with the ATP in advance, so you know if they will be submitting this information on your behalf.

Reported webinar PDU notification from PMI

After you submit a PDU claim, PMI will send an email communication stating if it is denied or approved. If an ATP submitted your PDU credit or you report a pre-approved ATP course via the CCRS, it is automatically approved. Access your PDU claims, for the PMP or any PMI certification, via your PMI.org profile.

How PMI ethics apply to webinar PDU claims

The PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct applies to project management work and PDU-related activities for all PMI certifications, including the PMP. It states:

“… honesty, responsibility, respect, and fairness
are the values that drive ethical conduct for the project management profession.”

When you submit PDU activities to PMI.org, you promise the effort was completed as submitted. Violate the PMI Code of Ethics, and your credential may be rescinded, or other professional consequences incurred.

How to find PMI PDU webinars

Webinars from an ATP are an easy way to earn PDUs and stay current in today’s project management trends. PMP credential holders can use webinars to explore related content for other areas like Agile, which may lead them to other PMI certifications like the PMI Agile Certificated Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®.

Project Management Academy (PMA) is a Premier ATP offering free, live webinars and free PDU courses through the PMAccelerate program. Whether you are working towards a PMP certification, looking to grow your knowledge of Agile, or seeking PDU credits to maintain a credential, sign up for PMA email notifications to learn about live webinars, recorded content, and more.


Webinars can help keep skills fresh, provide peer insights for current project challenges, and maintain PMI credentials, such as the PMP. Remember:

  • convert time into PDU values as: 1-hour webinar = 1 PDU hour
  • report PDU claims to PMI (unless ATP does on your behalf)
  • watch webinars on leadership and project management-related topics to fulfill PMI credential requirements
  • create a webinar on a project management-focused topic to give back to the professional community

Whether for your PMP or other PMI credential, check out the PMAccelerate program for ATP webinars and other resources in support of your professional development.

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