Online Training for PMP® and PMI-ACP® Accreditation

Online Training for PMP® and PMI-ACP® Accreditation

Virtual classes combining live instruction and online materials enable you to learn from the experts from the convenience of your home office space. To prepare for your Project Management Professional or PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMP® or PMI-ACP®) certification, start with a virtual training that provides the opportunity to: engage with the faculty directly, expand your professional network across industries, and leverage digital resources as part of your personalized study plan. Research shows that a carefully designed virtual training is highly effective with 86% reporting ”…the experience “just as engaging” or “more engaging than” traditional classroom training…” In that same study, students in the virtual version of a class actually scored higher than their counterparts in the face-to-face classroom.

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Features of Online Training

Online Training for PMP and ACP 2Whereas onsite training requires you to travel, to furiously try and take notes during lectures, and to adjust your personal life to fit schedules, online training provides flexibility and convenience.

Working on your PMP or PMI-ACP skills and/or certification in an online class enables you to fit the training into your work schedule while you are learning from world-class business leaders. The benefits of virtual training also include real-time skill development, peer-to-peer support, and immediate feedback. The personalized learning experience possible in the virtual training setting prepares you for the demands of the Project Management Institute’s Certification tests.

Prepare for Online Training

Just as you would prepare for any training, you should manage your online training to ensure you maximize the experience. The same best practices you employ for working remotely apply to virtual training, including:

  • Time management | schedule time for study and homework and stick to it
  • Effective communication | connect with fellow students and learn from their work experience
  • Engage with instructor | ask questions, pursue feedback, and seek input
  • Maintain a dedicated workspace | keep distractions to a minimum including social media

That last point around your workspace is an important one. Create a space for your online work that helps you feel motivated and productive can add to your energy and productivity. In a focused mindset, you will be more prepared to manage your class work and your communication will be purposeful.

Skills Gained in Online Training for PMP and PMI-ACP Certification

According to LinkedIn data, the 2019 most in-demand skills include collaboration, adaptability, and time management. Through your virtual training, you will develop those most sought after skills, in addition to the formal Project Management skills addressed in the classes.

Online Training for PMP and ACP 3.jpgWhen you are a fully engaged online student, you will enjoy access to industry experts while expanding your professional network with peers from across industries. You gain the experience of virtual team collaborations and time management that you can apply to your job.

Not to mention the Project Management skills that you can apply to your professional development and at work such as teamwork, communications, and planning. Finally, when you complete your training, you can include that accomplishment in your performance review conversations and job interviews.

Virtual Training for Career Advancement

PMP® Certification may lead to 22% or higher salaries over those without. International professional certifications such as the PMP and PMI-ACP can advance your career. And they are easier to achieve when you have the flexibility of virtual training, allowing you to maintain your personal and professional responsibilities while you gain new skills.

Thinking about going virtual for a new certification? PMA’s live, instructor-led virtual courses have the same money-back guarantees, high-quality materials, skilled instructors, and satisfaction scores as our classroom offerings. 


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