13 Best PMP Certification Study Guide Materials

13 Best PMP® Certification Study Guide Materials

It’s no question that study guides are essential for passing the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Exam. But, every aspiring PMP® credential holder has different schedules and learning styles, which means you need a PMP exam prep program that offers a wide variety of materials to meet everyone’s needs. If you’re looking to become certified in PMP, then you’ll need study guide materials.

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As you evaluate PMP certification training courses, choose one that offers the essential study guide materials to help you feel confident walking into the PMP exam. Learn more about the variety of options available to you, and discover the specific advantages of each PMP exam prep study guide outlined below.

PMP Study Guide Materials:

1. PMP Exam Prep Coursebook

Everyone who wants to earn their PMP credential needs a comprehensive view of the critical concepts that will be covered on the exam. This coursebook covers both the big picture and the intricacies of project management, acting as a base study material for the entire process.

In the PMP Exam Prep Coursebook, you’ll find core details and terminology you need to know before you take the exam. Additionally, the material is presented in sequential organization, making logical connections between each step of the project management process. This coursebook benefits potential PMP credential holders not only while they’re preparing for the exam, but as they continue forward in their career, as well.

2. A PMP Exam Strategy Guide & Study Guide Materials

Do you want a PMP study guide that has focused its materials on the specific exam structure knowledge you need to pass? Not only do you need to understand the concepts that will be covered on the exam, you also need a strategy on how to take and prepare for the exam itself. A PMP Exam Strategy Guide covers absolutely everything you need to know about taking the exam itself. Using this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a strategic study plan

  • What you should expect on exam day

  • 25 commonly misunderstood questions

  • Strategies for answering questions correctly

Many people find test taking an intimidating process. But with the help of the PMP Exam Strategy Guide, you’re prepared for both the material on the exam and taking the exam itself. It will set your mind at ease and diminish nerves on the big exam day.

3. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition

The PMBOK® Guide is the leading reference tool for those who are interested in becoming a PMP credential holder. This guide is one of the most widely used and referenced PMP exam prep study materials, making it a must-have tool for any aspiring PMP certification holder.

Written by a group of leading project management experts, this guide covers the processes and methods recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In the PMBOK® Guide, you’ll find beneficial tools for visual learners like charts and graphs. These materials show the flow of data and knowledge across the various management processes which is valuable knowledge for real-world project management.

4. PMP Exam Quick Study Guide

Do you worry that your schedule is too hectic to adequately study for the PMP Certification Exam? For learners who are constantly on the go, the Quick Study Guide is the ideal tool that makes studying convenient. Whether you’re studying on the train commuting to the office or during your spare time at work, this visual-heavy guide will help you easily understand the relationships between key concepts.

5. PMI Process Group and Key Formulas

Successful project management is built on a strong understanding of key processes and formulas. It’s crucial that you understand this technical information to pass the exam. From scheduling to critical path method to the 49 processes, all the essential information covered on this portion of the exam is outlined in this specific study guide.

When looking at the 49 processes, you’ll find that they’re broken down by knowledge area, process group, and PMBOK® Guide chapter. This allows you to approach learning these processes in an organized, strategic way. And, since you’ll be using these processes for the rest of your career as a PMP credential holder, it’s important that you have a comprehensive understanding of them from the beginning.

6. PMI Primary ITTOs

To better understand the inputs, tools and techniques, and (ITTOs) essential to effective project management, you need a PMP exam prep study guide that covers these specific topics. Similar to the Quick Study Guide, the Primary ITTOs Guide helps you understand these concepts with detailed visuals.

7. In-Class Practice Questions

Practice questions are a smart way to gauge your understanding of the course material, and they enable you to familiarize yourself with the structure of the questions that are sure to be on the PMP Exam. While you may not be looking at the exact questions, you’ll go through ones that are very similar to what you will see on the actual test day.

These questions are provided in a classroom setting at regular intervals, so that you become increasingly comfortable with the subject matter. Understanding the structure of the questions helps you develop a strategy for how to answer them correctly on the test day. And, because these questions are asked by an instructor in the classroom, the instructor can identify your specific strengths and weaknesses based on answers you provide. 

8. Online Practice Questions

In addition to in-class practice questions, you can also access online practice questions so you can cover as much material as possible. And, these questions are particularly useful since they’re designed to mirror the exact way PMP certification exam questions are administered.

Once you’ve answered all the practice questions, you can see a percentage breakdown of how your performed on questions from each of the five process groups. This shows where improvements can be made.

9. In-Class Mock Exam

Taking a mock exam is one of the best ways to gauge how you will actually perform when taking the exam. Typically in a PMP exam prep class, the mock exam is administered on the last day of class, once all the essential materials have been covered.

View this exam as a diagnostic tool, saving you the cost of taking the exam if you’re not adequately prepared yet. It can also alleviate nerves surrounding the exam since you’ll know how the practice one was outlined. Once you’ve taken the practice exam, you have the opportunity to meet with your professor and dissect your performance, addressing areas that need more work before you sit for the actual exam.

10. Project Management Sample Forms

One PMP exam prep study guide that you may not have considered is the sample forms you’ll use when you’re a PMP credential holder. Looking at these blank forms or ones filled out with mock answers offer real-world knowledge and scenarios sure to be useful for any project manager.

11. PMP Study Guide Materials & Exercises

Are you someone who learns best by doing? If so, a book for PMP exam-focused exercises could be the ideal investment. This exercise book enables you to practice and learn at your own pace. It’s full of engaging study materials, like crossword puzzles, which act as learning tools for those who want to better understand key terms.

12. Online Course Lectures

Do you want all the benefits of a classroom experience without having to leave the comforts of your own home? If that’s the case, online lectures are sure to be beneficial for you. These lectures cover specific processes and topics, so if you have identified an area where you need a little more work, all you have to do is download a lecture on the topic. You can enjoy all the benefits of classroom learning, without the inconvenience of traveling.

13. Tutoring via Email and Webinar

Finally, just because you are studying or taking PMP certification course online doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the useful instruction and tutelage of a PMP exam prep expert. You can still receive one-on-one tutoring and attend weekly webinars to ask questions and gain feedback from your instructors.

These sessions bridge the gap between online learning and personal instruction. And, even if you don’t have a question, you can still attend weekly webinars to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the PMP certification exam and the material it covers.

As you prepare for the exam, keep these PMP exam prep study guide materials in mind. Choose some or all of these materials to work into your study strategy. When you have a strategic approach to studying and preparation, you’re sure to pass the exam with ease.

Where can I find PMP Study Guide Materials?

Project Management Academy is a leading provider of the most comprehensive and up-to-date PMP exam prep materials. Our study guide has been designed to help you pass your PMP exam on the first try! You can find all of our study materials on our PMP Course Materials page.

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