CFOs Use Project Management Formulas to Achieve Success in their Business

As we explore the inextricable link between business success and project management, I ask you: For each of the following formulas, can you tell if they are used by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or the Project Manager (PM)? To determine the discounted value of future cash flows resulting from an investment project: PV = …

Jason Cassidy

Project Management & Change Management

I am often struck by how organizations will spend thousands if not millions of dollars pursuing creative and innovative thinking, and afterward wonder why they have to cut resources or core services. The importance of creative thinking is seen in market leaders, who can be agile in their approach to shifts and adaptive to changes. …

Jason Cassidy

Project Management Quality

Quality – Business Leaders and Project Managers Should Work Together to Increase the Quality of Their Products

Quality for Business Leaders and Project Managers Every business leader wants a quality product yet defining “quality” can be overlooked or deemed something so obvious it is not worth the time to explain. Leaders need to pay attention to quality, and those driving the quality processes need to communicate in a way that resonates with …

Jason Cassidy

Good Project Management is Good for Business

Groundwork for a Successful Business: Project Management

When I initially shared with peers that I was joining Project Management Academy, the reactions were varied and surprising.   A friend who runs a software development team rolled his eyes and grunted, “We have a project management office and all they do is get in the way of our development.” Next up, a CEO of …

Jason Cassidy