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Flowchart Daigrams for Project Managers

Flowcharts for PMPs

A picture is worth a thousand words. The flowchart, a project management tool, exemplifies that saying with the power to quickly convey complex information using a diagram. A flowchart can not only convey interconnecting steps but be used in monitoring progress and periodic status reporting. When preparing for the Project Management Professional® (PMP) exam, project …

Cause and Effect Diagram for the PMP

Cause and Effect Diagrams for PMP

Project teams need to actively identify a problem and understand the root cause of the problem if they are to solve it. In the Project Management Professional ® (PMP) certification exam, cause and effect diagrams are a tool used to better understand the root of a problem. On this page: What are Cause and Effect …

Scatter Diagram in Project Management

Scatter Diagram Types

To understand the impact of scatter diagrams, it is important to know the correlation between the data sets has the most meaning. Also, knowing how the data correlates aids with determining the type of scatter diagram. When preparing for the PMP exam, project managers should know the three categories of scatter diagrams based on correlation:

Matrix Diagrams in Project Management

The Matrix Diagram for Project Managers

A matrix diagram for the Project Management Professional® (PMP) holder is one of the Seven Quality Tools used for data collection and analysis. It is the arrangement of data in the matrix diagram that reveals “the strength of relationships between factors, causes, and objectives.” It is also an important concept that could be asked about …

Affinity Diagrams in Project Management

Affinity Diagram for PMP Planning Tools

Project Management Professional® (PMP) holders know it is a data-driven world. They also know data thrown at them for a project, or the data collected during a project is not always immediately clear nor easy to connect to project work. Using tools like an affinity diagram, can solve an immediate data problem and build teams …

Histograms in Project Management

Histograms and the PMP Certification

Project Managers know how clients will react when presented with large amounts of data in the form of a spreadsheets with hundreds (better yet, thousands!) of rows of numbers with no context or clear meaning; it will not be a reaction of gratitude. On the other hand, if that same large dataset is presented using …

Stakeholder Register in Project Management

What is a Stakeholder Register?

Ever use that old saying, “a lot is at stake” when speaking to the impact an event can have on others? Stake refers to something to gain or lose; a stake in a new business means you want it to be profitable. A stake in a game can be a bet on the final score. …

Gold Plating vs Scope Creep in PMP

Gold Plating vs. Scope Creep

Project management is challenging because things don’t always go as planned. Changes to your project scope or deliverables can happen through gold plating or scope creep. Avoiding these will prevent delays, increased costs, and other project management issues. In this article, we will explain the differences between Gold Plating vs Scope Creep.

Design of Experiments in PMP

Design of Experiments for Project Managers

Experiments are not just for scientists; they are in fact a tool project managers and engineers have used for years to better understand and refine processes. In the context of project management, an experiment is not in a secret lab with bubbling liquid in beakers; instead, the testing is done in a controlled manufacturing setting. …