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User Story in Project Management

Put the User First: True Value of a User Story

In marketing, best practice is to understand your customer to make an emotional connection leading to brand loyalty. In sales, the customer relationship is paramount; lose that trust and you lose business. In project management, the customer’s needs should be paramount, but sadly are often lost in the cacophony of voices from various stakeholders. Project …

Random Acts of Agile

Are You Stuck Performing Random Acts of Agile?

In the past, our company has seen success through referrals and a small amount of marketing. When we decided to take it up a notch to be more intentional in our growth, we reached out to Barb Bertsch, a marketing wiz, to evaluate our efforts. What we learned was enlightening. Although we felt like we …

Virtual Interview

Virtual Interview: As Candidate and As Interviewer

Virtual or video interviews had already become a norm in the interviewing process back in 2015, when Korn Ferry polled 700 executives revealing 75% were using video platforms to conduct interviews. And with the Covid-19 safety protocols that began in 2020, companies that had never considered video now found it the only way to engage …

Project and Strategy Alignment Are Good For Business

Project and Strategy Alignment is Good Business

One of the most important questions a project manager can ask, regardless of the methodology practiced or size of the business is: “What is the business reason for this work?”. And if the answer is, “because the CEO (or any high-ranking leader) said so,” the project manager most likely is facing endless challenges trying to …

A Pilot Project Is Not Always the Best Way to Start Your Agile Journey

A Pilot Project Is Not Always the Best Way to Start Your Agile Journey

Many of us would agree that when you are trying to implement a large change, start small. Just as it is easier to swallow a small pill than a huge one, the ability to adopt and sustain change is often simpler when the change involves baby steps. This approach of small incremental changes applies to …

Leading with Influence

Lead With Influence

Those with Project Manager responsibilities in their work may be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars of company budget, be overseeing the work efforts of dozens of people or multiple teams yet have no formal authority within the organization. This is one of the challenges of project management, that you cannot depend on your …

Executive Sponsorship in Project Management

Motivational Benefits of Team Training

Regardless of the drivers of the team or how it was formed, completing training together has benefits for the individuals, the group, and the larger organization. Employees who go through training as a team are more likely to have higher morale and deliver better work faster.

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Critical skills are those that apply across industries, across roles, and in any size organization; emotional intelligence (“EQ”) is a critical skill. Project Management, a skill that fits within any industry, most roles, and any size organization, has wide professional applications. As such, emotional intelligence as a skill has great significance for any Project Manager …

Jargon in Project Management

Speaking Project Management for Non-Project Managers

What all professionals need, those with formal Project Management (PM) titles and those without, is a keen understanding of what makes a business function and how that business fits into the relevant industry. That understanding is known as “business acumen.” Consider this scenario:

Conversation with a PMI-PBA Certification Holder

A Conversation with a PMI-PBA Certification Holder

Pursuing a professional certification, such as those awarded by Project Management Institute® (PMI)® and International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA)®, is no small undertaking. It requires focus, determination, and tenacity. Especially, the PMI-PBA Certification.