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PMP® Certification Salary: Increase Your Earning Potential — Updated for 2022

Have you considered earning your Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification? This is the gold standard of project management certifications and comes with a number of benefits for those who pass the exam. One of those benefits often includes a significant bump in salary for those who earned their PMP Certification. Explore this article to learn more …

Value Corporate Training

The Value of Corporate Training

Corporate training is a way to provide employees with the ability to adapt, learn new skills, and increase their productivity. The value of corporate training programs has been proven time-and-time again in recent years when faced with global challenges such as economic downturns or emerging technology disruptions. Are you considering an investment in corporate training? …

Project Manager Resume

How to Create a Powerful Project Management Resume

Today’s Project Manager must have a resume reflecting the expertise and skill-readiness for a digital age rife with change. The Project Management Institute (PMI) reported 1.4+ million certifications worldwide in their 2018 Annual Report, indicating the global significance of the profession and the incredible competition in the job market. Use the steps below to create …

What is corporate training

What is Corporate Training and Development

Corporate Training and Development is the term used to describe learning opportunities provided by a company to help its employees gain the skills needed to perform specific job duties. For project management, corporate training includes employee’s mastery of industry standards for Agile, Lean Six Sigma, ITIL, and Business Analysis. Corporate training, or learning and development …

How to Use the PMP Credential

How to Use Your PMP® Credential to Advance Your Career

As you look to advance your career one of the first things that will typically come to mind is to earn a certification to validate your skills and experience. The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is one of the most globally recognized and highly coveted certifications.  Having this credential opens the door to a multitude …

Value of Group Training

The Value of Group Training for Project Managers

While you may recognize that training for project managers is essential, you may not realize the benefits of training your project managers in a group setting. Many organizations facilitate and host group training sessions for their employees. Whether you have seasoned project management professionals on staff or you have employees interested in pursuing a profession …

Leadership and Nonverbal Communication

Fine Tune Your Leadership and Non-Verbal Communication

As an effective leader, non-verbal communication is key. Leaders should try to use their voice in a way that excites people and creates the right mood for both themselves as well as others around them. Today, project management is focusing more on the human element of organizational change management.  Fundamentally, PMI is placing a greater …