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Leading an Agile Team

Leading an Agile Team

Agile methods and frameworks have existed for several decades. The V-model, Rapid Application Development (RAD), and the Spiral model are three such methodologies which predate the 2001 creation of the Agile Manifesto. Because agile methods have been around for quite some time in the technology sector they are often viewed as being exclusive to team …

Work-Life Balance

Achieving the Elusive Work-Life Balance

In today’s environment of being connected all the time, it can seem like a far-fetched goal of achieving the ever-elusive work-life balance.  There is no proven method, flow chart, or simple formula to reach a perfect work-life balance.  It is going to require you to understand why you work and live, and to define what …


Behaviors to Master When Communicating with Senior Management

As a project management consultant, I frequently work with senior managers at the Director level and above. Currently, I am reporting to two C-level executives – the Chief Operating Officer of the consulting firm for whom I consult, and the Chief Technology Officer of the company where I am embedded. Three, actually, if you count …

Corporate Training Courses

17 Best Corporate Training Courses for Project Management

Developing and improving your team’s project management skills is always a wise decision. This not only makes them more effective project managers, but it also helps you improve your organization, compete for bigger and better projects, and ultimately increases your bottom line revenue. Corporate training courses are a great way to accomplish this.


Top 10 Reasons Why Projects Fail

There is a myriad of reasons why projects fail but they often come down to certain repeatable issues which, left unsolved, will make it next-to-impossible to ever fully succeed. The most common reason why projects fail is because they are not properly managed. There’s a lot of moving parts and essential tasks to be done …


7 Best Project Management Certifications Updated for 2020

Are you thinking about earning a project management certification? Earning a certification can take your career to the next level and increase your earning potential. However, there are numerous options out there, each one with its own benefits. It can be difficult to determine what the right option could be for your future.


Balancing Project and Change Management: Obtaining Project Adoption

As a project manager, if you meet your scope, schedule and cost baselines, was your project successful?  If it takes a prolonged time period to achieve the business outcomes planned, is that your responsibility?  Does your involvement end when the project is finalized, or do you have some responsibility to ensure project adoption?  If you …


2019 Reviews of Agile Software Platforms

Agile is a flexible, streamlined project management approach. Due to this flexibility, numerous Agile software solutions have emerged, each one ideal for a different type of business or team structure.


Keeping Your PMI® Certification Fresh: A Tutorial on PDUs

Project management is a complex, ever-evolving forum of methodologies, principles, and best practices. So, it’s little wonder why Project Management Institute (PMI) asserts that a continuing education is an essential part of a project manager’s professional development. Consequently, PMI requires certain post-exam educational standards be met in order to maintain certification status. These requirements, known …


When Team Members Clash: Managing Conflict in a Team Environment

In a perfect project management world, all projects would be done on time, within scope, and under budget. But any practicing project manager will tell you the sad reality: things are not always going as planned. In that sense, it’s plausible that conflict will occur at some point in your project’s development. Taking appropriate preventative …