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How Much Does a PMP Certification Cost?

Are you among the many professionals considering earning a PMP certification? Before you begin preparing for the Project Management Professional certification exam, you should know what you’re getting into in terms of cost. Learn more about the costs associated with the PMP exam, and how to plan for these expenses. 

Integrating Agile Part 4

Integrating Agile in a Waterfall Practice (Part 4): Implementing Your Strategy

Implementing an agile strategy is no easy task and it can be a challenge to implement the strategies. However, if you’re successful in doing so your company will reap bountiful rewards including increased efficiency, improved collaboration between departments/teams as well as shorter time-to-market for new products or features!

Integrating Agile in a Waterfall Practice (Part 3): Integrating Your Strategy

In the last article in the series, we explored the Agile methodology, as well as how it can force an organization to shift their mindset. Now that we understand the concepts, terms and roles in the Agile framework – we can explore how to take them into consideration when developing a strategy for integrating Agile …

Implementing Agile into Waterfall 2

Integrating Agile in a Waterfall Practice (Part 2): What Do We Mean by “Agile?”

In the Part 1 of our series, “Integrating Agile in a Waterfall Practice,” we defined the various project delivery methods, described the Agile methodology as it compares with those delivery methods, and briefly talked about the value the various methods can provide. There is no doubt Agile, when implemented effectively can provide tremendous value to …


PMI-ACP® vs CSM® Certification: Which One is Right for Me?

Earning a project management certification is a smart way to set yourself apart from your peers and increase your earning potential, but which one is better? PMI-ACP vs CSM certifications – both have their pros and cons. Today, the Agile Methodology is being used worldwide to streamline projects in countless industries. In fact, according to …


Integrating Agile in a Waterfall Practice (Part 1): Starter Guide to Integrate Agile

As project and program managers or PMO leaders, we are always looking for ways to add value to our organizations. For us, that means adopting delivery methods and processes designed for the most efficient and effective means of delivery while ensuring customer satisfaction with the deliverables. By now you have heard the stories of organizations …


CAPM vs PMP Certification: Your Comprehensive Guide

Earning a project management certification is a great way to develop your skills, position yourself as a valuable asset, and make a higher salary. Two of the most popular certification options are the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification. In this guide, we compare CAPM vs PMP …


6 Common Project Management Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification holders face challenges each day. However, the mark of a successful PMP® certification holder is that you are able to overcome these challenges and still deliver successful projects. Find out more about some of the common challenges PMP credential holders face, and learn some strategies to help you overcome them.


4 Components of Effective Project Team Communications

Why is Communicating Effectively Important? You spend countless hours creating a Communications Plan for your stakeholders.  You identify and prioritize them and create an extensive strategy regarding what, when, and how often you’ll communicate with them.  But what about your project team members?  Do you know what Josh is working on, where Chrissy sees risk, …